01Retail & Offices: Benefits of Responsive Flooring

Be Productive.

Special homogeneous flooring with professional designs. Tough performance and high durability. No wax no polish maintenance. Best value for money solutions.

Application Areas02

Computer Labs Flooring
Computer Labs
Fittings Room Flooring

Fittings Room

Supermarkets Flooring
Department Store Flooring

Department Store

Office & Banks Flooring
Office & Banks
Boutiques Flooring

03Product Focus

Canopus Platinum®

PLAT 01 : Ice Age

Canopus Platinum®

Safety flooring.

Stylish, soft and classy, Canopus Platinum® defines elegance for safety floors. The range has a carefully constructed colour palette and is uniquely complemented by superior performance characteristics. With endless possibilities of application areas, Canopus Platinum® is far ahead of its time.

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