01Healthcare: Benefits of Responsive Flooring

No Wax. No Polish. For Life.

We are the only Asian producer of homogeneous vinyl flooring. With experience in over 40 countries, our flooring is a well-established choice for healthcare practitioners. Our flooring sets the benchmark for hygiene and performance standards in healthcare environments.

Application Areas02

Wards & Rooms Flooring
Wards & Rooms
Corridors Flooring


Out-patient departments Flooring
Out-patient departments
Flooring for Laboratiories


Reception areas Flooring
Reception areas
Rehabilitation areas Flooring
Rehabilitation areas

03Product Focus

GNT 16: Sapphire Stone


Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring.

Presenting a fascinating palette that will light up your environment. Designed to be beautiful in a multitude of interiors, this is the first choice for leading architects, consultants and designers. With zero VOC and zero maintenance, Garnet RQ is an automatic choice for demanding commercial spaces.

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