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We are the only Asian producer of homogeneous vinyl flooring. With experience in over 40 countries, our flooring is a well-established choice for healthcare practitioners. Our flooring sets the benchmark for hygiene and performance standards in healthcare environments. In challenging times for hospitals, it is of paramount importance that hospital floor material is of the desired quality. With dangerous bacteria and germs being treated and studied in these spaces, the blessing of antibacterial flooring in hospitals cannot be discounted.
Another key aspect of hospital vinyl flooring or healthcare flooring is that it is expected to function in areas with high traffic and high footfall. Antibacterial flooring in hospitals will also experience strong surface cleaners and disinfectants on a regular basis, which means that the hospital floor material needs to be of a robust make in order to last for a long time.

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Wards & Rooms Flooring
Wards & Rooms
Wards & Rooms Flooring


Wards & Rooms Flooring
Out-patient departments
Wards & Rooms Flooring


Wards & Rooms Flooring
Reception areas
Wards & Rooms Flooring
Rehabilitation areas

03 Product Focus

Spica RQ

SP 12 Arctic Azure

Spica RQ®

Homogeneous Phthalate Free.

Spica RQ® is a value for money homogenous vinyl flooring product in a wide choice of natural colours that are perfectly suited for heavy traffic applications. The three-tone chip design gives extra depth to the visual effect and adds a nice touch of subtlety –– definitely not a run of the mill range. When looking for hospital vinyl flooring, this product should definitely be on the top of any buyer’s list simply because it is low maintenance flooring and because of the fact that it meets almost all compliance standards established around the world. As far as anti-stain flooring is concerned, these floors offer the kind of value-for-money that most hospitals seek. That means better cleaning and with minimum effort! As they are available in sheets and tiles, based on the need and an understanding of usage in any facility, they can be customized at will. Those who are worried about the experience of using these floors in the long-term, need not worry as they have been treated extensively to ensure superior wear resistance and lowered maintenance. This anti-slip flooring is also extremely safe to walk on, and is thus a preferred option for hospitals around the world

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