01Education: Benefits of Responsive Flooring

Colors for the soul.

We produce acoustic flooring that has up to 19dB of sound reduction. Tough, durable and anti-scratch against desk and chair bottoms. low maintenance costs and increased lifespan of the floors.

Application Areas02

Classrooms Flooring
School Corridors Flooring


Libraries Flooring
Kindergarten Flooring


Locker Room Flooring
Locker Room
Playroom Flooring

03Product Focus

Vega Super RQ

VS 01 : Maui Blue

Vega Super RQ®

Homogeneous Directional Phthalate Free

Intended for use in the toughest and most demanding environments, Vega Super RQ® is the preferred choice for professionals looking for durability and performance. With completely revamped colours and upgraded stain, chemical, scratch and scuff resistance, the floor retains its lustre throughout its lifetime.

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