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Colors for the soul.

We produce acoustic flooring that has up to 19dB of sound reduction. Tough, durable and anti-scratch against desk and chair bottoms. low maintenance costs and increased lifespan of the floors.

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Wards & Rooms Flooring
Wards & Rooms Flooring


Wards & Rooms Flooring
Wards & Rooms Flooring


Wards & Rooms Flooring
Locker Room
Wards & Rooms Flooring

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Spica RQ

IMP-OPL-06 : Provincial Oak

IMPACT Opulence®

Specially designed for high density footfalls, these vinyl tiles come in a wide range of colours, textures and patterns that incorporate the rich look and feel of natural wood. Designers and architects are spolit for choice as there is an Opulence® flooring for every décor.

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