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Maximum comfort. Least maintenance.

Available in many attractive wooden, stone and granite designs in easy to install vinyl rolls. Easy maintenance with only soap and water ensures that the product retains original look throughout it’s lifetime. Enhanced underfoot comfort and increased sound insulation properties.

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Wards & Rooms Flooring
Wards & Rooms Flooring

Waiting Lounge

Wards & Rooms Flooring
Convention Centre
Wards & Rooms Flooring

Airport Walkways

Wards & Rooms Flooring
Heavy Foot Traffic Zones
Wards & Rooms Flooring
Public Service Buildings

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Spica RQ

4699-571-4 : Ivory

Vega Plus®

Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring

ntended for use in the toughest and most demanding environments, Vega Plus® is the preferred choice for professionals looking for durability and performance. With completely revamped colours and upgraded stain, chemical, scratch and scuff resistance, the floor retains its luster throughout its lifetime.

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