01Industry: Benefits of Responsive Flooring

Tough, Durable & Hardworking.

We are specialist producers of conductive, anti-static & homogeneous vinyl flooring. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protection with clean room certification. The Industry’s best group T abrasion for high level of anti-scratch performance.

Application Areas02

Shop Flooring
Shop Flooring
Warehouse Flooring


Research & Development Flooring
Research & Development
Chemical Laboratory Flooring

Chemical Laboratory

Cleaning Room Flooring
Cleaning Room
Electronic Factory Flooring
Electronic Factory

03Product Focus

Spica RQ

SP 12 : Arctic Azure

Spica RQ®

Homogeneous Phthalate Free.

Spica RQ® is a value for money product in a wide choice of natural colours that are perfectly suited for heavy traffic applications. The three-tone chip design gives extra depth to the visual effect and adds a nice touch of subtlety –– definitely not a run of the mill range.

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