01Industry: Benefits of Responsive Flooring

Tough, Durable & Hardworking.

We are specialist producers of conductive, anti-static & homogeneous vinyl flooring. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protection with clean room certification. The Industry’s best group T abrasion for high level of anti-scratch performance.

Application Areas02

Shop Flooring
Shop Flooring
Warehouse Flooring


Research & Development Flooring
Research & Development
Chemical Laboratory Flooring

Chemical Laboratory

Cleaning Room Flooring
Cleaning Room
Electronic Factory Flooring
Electronic Factory

03Product Focus

Spica RQ

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Safety Vinyl Flooring

With nine different embosses in seven available colours, Regor® has many avatars. Easy to install, easy to clean and excellent anti-slip properties with an R11 slip rating, makes Regor® an adaptable solution for everyday safety applications.

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