01Hospitality: Benefits of Responsive Flooring

Invoke your chi.

Set your interiors with versatile options in wood, stone and granite look. Our enhanced designs have zero maintenance and the floors will retain their original look and finish for a long time.

Application Areas02

Banquet Flooring
Co-Working Space Flooring

Co-Working Space

Hotel Areas Flooring
Hotel Areas
Restaurant Flooring


Cafe Flooring
Poolside Flooring

03Product Focus

Wood Essence RQ

IMP-RES-07 : Golden Oak

IMPACT Resonate®

Looks natural & feels real. Enhanced with our EIR technology IMPACT Resonate® re-creates the experience of walking on wood indoors – Mother Nature would be stumped! This floor is 100% waterproof and has a unique interlocking mechanism which eliminates the need for any adhesive and is a true floating floor. The IXPE acoustic backing cuts extraneous sounds while walking on the floor and provides underfoot comfort. Easy to maintain, Easy to love – it will resonate with your senses and create a soothing sensual interior.

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