Our Green Initiative

Sustainability: Five Point Program
01 pre-consumer recycling
Production waste is reused and completely recycled therefore negligible waste is deposited in the environment.


05 post-consumer recycling
At the end of their life cycle, all our flooring products can be recycled in our production facilities. Since the launch of this program, we have been increasing the volume of vinyl returned every year.

 Responsive Green Initiative
02 energy efficient production
We use precious resources like water, oli and electricity sparingly. Efficient production techniques, advanced machinery and high quality raw materials enable us to reduce our environmental footprint.


03 good indoor air-quality
All our products emit zero to very low VOC's. We are compliant with stringent Californian standards for Indoor Air Quality in public buildings (Emission testing as per CA Specification 01350).

04 clean raw materials
All raw materials used are REACH compliant, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and environmentally friendly.

Responsive Industries has made a commitment to continuously improve public health by improving indoor air quality. From the choice of raw materials, to the recycling of a product after its use, responsive is committed to improving the sustainability of vinyl floor coverings.

Clean Raw Materials
Responsive products are devoid of heavy metals (lead, cadmium), phthalates and components registered as carcinogenic, or any other ingredient that breach REACH*standards. Our floor coverings also contribute to green building schemes with low VOC** emissions, LEEDS credits and memberships to the US Green Building Council.

Energy Efficient Production
Responsive Industries is an ISO 14001 certified company with continuous efforts to reduce energy and water consumption throughout the manufacturing process. Saving these precious resources is a daily concern at the factory where the staff is committed to these goals.

Lower Life Cycling Costs
We lower the life cycle costs by manufacturing extra durable products which require only soap and water maintenance. No hazardous chemicals are needed which greatly reduces the impact on the environment. In combination with our pre-consumer and post-consumer recycling program and efficient production techniques, Responsive Industries dramatically reduces life cycle costs of vinyl flooring.

*REACH is the new European Regulation for Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals in the European Union
** VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds